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Good morning gals. I am up, showered and dressed and ready to leave in about an hour so thought I would post this morning while I am sitting here.

Got a call from the Baptist Women's Center that the films weren't good enough and I needed to go in yesterday and get retakes.{{{SIGH}}} So Jack had to take half day off work again and I was there three hours. They took a set, the radiologist looked at it then back again and another set then I sat again then I had to have a sonogram. Her words were that because I had heavy breasts (translation you have big boobs) it was going to be a challenge to put in the wire this morning, but they were going to do the best they could. Wow, real encouraging that I am having something foreign put in to remove tissue from my breast and all you can say is best you can? I was already really mad about the whole thing. So, in I go this morning.

Maggie: I do not envy you all that snow for sure. You guys be careful. We are supposed to have icy conditions, but the deck doesn't look slick this morning so I am crossing my fingers. I don't do well on slippery surfaces and I have to go to the car, get out and go into the women's center, back out to the car, go to hospital admissions, then back in the car to come home and the temps are staying below freezing today.

Jean: Jack's finger is coming along. Part of that ugly look was trapped blood beneath the glue stuff. He said some of the glue is starting to peel off.

Well gals, just wanted to check in. I will let you all know how it went. Results of the biopsy won't be in for a couple days though. Faye
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