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We are getting slammed with snow, ice, and sleet. I can work from home when it is weather like this but DH can't. With this ice we are hearing, I am telling him to just plan on taking a vacation day. I want us both safe. ICE scares me.

Ceejay: sorry to hear your day was a tough one at work. Between the weather and training the new know-it-all guy, I can imagine you feel like you are at the end of your rope. Tie a knot in it and hang on tight. Tomorrow is another day, or so said Scarlett! (((((Hugs)))).

Michelle, sorry to hear about the headache. Maybe you have been in front of the computer to long with working on the video. Remember to get up and move every once in a while and roll those shoulders.

Happy: were you busy in the shop today? In a earlier post you asked me if they were not checking my DH's blood levels while he was on the blood thinner . He was on one of the new ones where you don't get checked, not like with cumidan.
Yes we were thinking cancer as they told us they were doing the test was to be sure there weren't tumors there that the blood thinners were aggravating. It was nerve racking for sure. But happy for the outcome!

Shad, I am missing you on MFP. I hope your break from work is going well.
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