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Originally Posted by ColoradoCarol View Post
dak1lls - Thank you so much. My IP clinic is actually in Broomfield - might have to go check it out after my weigh in tomorrow.

Have you tried it hot, like in coffee? Does it heat up well. I usually mix my chocolate drink with coffee and it is like a mocha. I quit using the IP Chocolate Drink mix because it was too high in carbs. It should be restricted I think.
I have not tried it hot, but that's a great idea! I have mixed it with hot coffee when I forgot to make coffee the night before and it seemed to dissolve quite well, but melted my ice when I blended it. Here are the stats for the V-Core Vantage Milk Chocolate, and I have used it as an unrestricted:

Calories 150
Calories from fat 20
Net Carbs 6g (total of 9g carbs minus 3g dietary fiber carbs)
Protein 25g
Contains sucralose no aspartame.

I have used this since about week 8 when I switched to alts and have had no issues with continued losses. You should stop and ask for samples and try it before buying though. I don't know if all stores offer free samples, but my location did, so it won't hurt to ask.

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