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S/C/G: Goal Weight: 125

Height: 5'3"


The 130's for me are representative of my last little struggle with bad eating habits. I've definitely conquered laziness when it comes to working out. Even if I'm up until 5am with my bf watching movies (like last night, yawn), I'm still up to get to the gym by 11am. I still have little voices that tell me to drink more wine and eat more cheese (my two kryptonites!!). I'm okay with the wine, I can control it, but if I have cheese in the house, look out. I think I just have to realize that I can't keep cheese in the house! I've just been buying what I need for recipes. I wonder if those little voices will ever shut the eff up lol!!!

I'm also rediscovering my womanly figure I'm a lot more confident, and I plan to start showing off my bod a little more as I descend out of the 130's!

Does this stage in the game represent anything for anyone else? Or is it just a means to an end?

Mini Goal For October
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