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Lifestyle Changes
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Whoo I made it into the 230's! I'm looking forward to reaching 235 because that marks 60lbs down for me!

It's pretty exciting, although I'm really getting antsy to be closer to the 210's already!

My first test of the semester was yesterday so now I have just a bit of breathing room. I am going to be hanging out with a pretty cute guy today so that should be fun, but my TOM is just wrapping up so I'm trying to ignore the lingering low self esteem and just have fun!

@Samantha Lol, that worked out quick! Don't be so hard on yourself with the scale. The way I see it is that it's going to drop or stay stuck and if it drops, good, if it gets stuck then it's time to shake up the routine. Nothing you can't fix.

@Marli Oh my gosh I am LOVING this phone. Games are so much fun on it and watching videos on it is great and it came with a pretty intuitive sketchbook app and the stylus is pressure sensitive, it's amazing. I draw with traditional tools usually but sometimes when I'm out and about and the mood strikes me to draw, if I don't have any sketching supplies with me then I'm kind of screwed. :P The Note has inspired me to explore digital art a bit more! I think I'd like to try some drawing tablets sometime, now that I've seen what you can do with one, albeit a small one. Bamboo tablets from Wacom are supposed to be lovely and so I think I'll start saving for that.

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