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TOM is nearing and I am craving for everything. Last night I gave in and ate like a pig, ugh. Scale, surprisingly, did not jump high. I am so done with this TOM crap, I wish menopause got here already. I have a feeling I am going to have to deal with TOM nearly another 10 years based on how late in life my mom went through it. -- My sister is so skinny (80 pound skinny) that her TOM stopped at 51 but I think it was weight related. She has no body fat what so ever.

I did not log my food.

Today I am having hard time getting motivated. I woke up with a headache. -- I had a really busy and demanding day at the FCA, yesterday. I did not get home until 7:30 ish. I think all the thinking gave me that I guess I should use my head more often

I am getting another volunteer position; at a local hospital. It will be only 4 hours per week, same time and day each week.

So between FCA and the hospital, I will volunteer 20 hours per week plus travel time. Makes me feel good that I am doing something useful with my time. -- I will still have time to exercise, walk the dog etc. The important stuff

Like I said I am feeling lazy today, I am mustering up enough strength to go to the gym. Today is my triple workout day; 2 1/2-3 hours at the gym...and if I am none early enough, I will take a long hike with the pup. -- Just need to find my mojo...

My weightloss has stalled out. I think the 1800 calories (plus last night's cheat day) may be too much. I will give another week and see, but if I don't start seeing results I will go back down to 1560 calories which seemed to be working really well for me.

Okee dokee, the gym workout does not get done by itself....

Have a happy day my friends!
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