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Morning ladies,

Quickie post for me. I have to go into the shop this morning so just breezin' the headlines as I down my coffee. Nothing much going on here - thank goodness. We are chilly but sunny and at least we aren't facing the snow dump that many of you are. Right about now I'd be ready to burn the stuff so my heart goes out to you. Just be careful shoveling the stuff. My sister finally gave up and got a snowblower - got tired of shoveling out the big mess the street plow made at the end of her driveway - several times a day.

Annie - stay warm - maybe you can sneak in a nap. I'd say if the office is closed, you don't have to work from home either. Hope your foot is not hurting you too bad - a warm soak helps, especially if you ice it for a bit too. Sometimes I just freeze a water bottle and then roll my foot on it and it helps.

Susie - if you were thinking cancer, no wonder you guys were freaking out. Glad to hear it's not. I used to think it was just kidney stones but I guess you can get all kinds of stones - bladder, kidney and now prostate. Makes me glad I'm not a guy - just like cats - the males seem to have more issues but then again, we have that female stuff to deal with.

Ceejay - I take it you have a button on the car with extra oomph for bad weather? I was always glad we had the 4Runner with 4 wheel drive when down there except 4 wheel drive doesn't help on ice. Be careful.

Hello to the rest of the chicks, I need to get a move on.
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