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Originally Posted by sarita75 View Post
Hi everyone. Yesterday was a good and bad day. The good, first. Always best. I ran a 5k in 26 minutes 20 seconds. I placed 113th overall (out of about 1600 runners) and 16th in my gender/age division (females, 20-39 years old). I was really happy about it.

When I got home from the race, I was hanging out with the boyfriend and his child (11 year old boy). There was an issue with the boy's schooling and his behavior and my boyfriend and his son's mother were dealing with it via telephone, conversations, etc. I don't know, I felt out of place, awkward. I wanted to leave (it wasn't angry or anything, just tense), but knew that wasn't the right thing to do. Unable to "figure it out" for myself, I ate chocolate, and too much of it. It was meant to be my reset day after Saturday's fun day, so I cheated.

Sarita- agree with the troops here..don't be so hard on you! It is something that your body probably is able to handle...once in a while. And we are not were not meant to give up everything forever.
First of all..I bet your cheat day is pretty darn good compared to someone who has not been trying to reset the mind and body after almost a year of intense food modification! Some people will need to have wine a little more...some chocolate...others pizza. The thing is you KNOW you can't always do it. That's what maintenance is all about. Figuring out how to maintain for YOU! You're young...and active...and your body can do the occasional "off the beaten track thing" now that you are where you want to be. Keep the conscience about that...BUT ditch the over the top guilt and turn it into a reality check! That will make you crazy and it does not appear you need to do that to yourself!!! And keep on with your running!! AWESOME!!!

I didn't cheat on P1-P3. This is, really, my first cheat. I am resetting today, but have such a huge amount of disappointment in myself. I spoke to my boyfriend about it, and a number of things that have been bothering me (just kind of bubbling under the surface), so things feel better, but I can't shake the disappointment. Going to go for a run later this evening and try to leave it on the pavement behind me.

Anyhow, as I always said, onwards and up/downwards ....
Most often there are underlying things that affect how we react to a situation. Good bad or not at all. Rarely is there direct cause and effect for behavior, knowing triggers are something we learn about ourselves with time. It's all just human nature...if you can figure out what makes the clock tick in a productive way..that will help. But do remember you are an inspiration to so many on here. In spite of what you do or don't work out. don't lose sight of that. Keep it on your dashboard!!

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