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Good morning everyone. It is again raining here to beat the band and is supposed to keep it up all day. Temps are in the 30's and only going into low 40 today then into 40's tomorrow then cold again. Looks like we aren't out of winter yet here for sure.

When I told Jack about the women's center, he took some sick time and came home and got me and we went over there yesterday and took the cd of my mammogram so we are all set for tomorrow.

I imagine I won't be in here tomorrow so say a little prayer everything goes ok. I am supposed to be there at 6 AM to have the wire inserted at the women's center then over to the admissions at the hospital and I think I am first up so should get in around 8 or so if she is ready. I just want to get it over with at this point and find out if I am ok or we have to deal with something.

You gals have a great day. Faye
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