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I've thought I would try the app 7 Min work out yesterday.. the idea being that you work out a set routine by the app for 7 minutes - you can repeat the workout as many times if you want - but if you only have 7 minutes the workout is supposed to be a good one.
I have to say that I'm quite pleased that I only did the 7 minutes (which I might add nearly killed me) as today movement of any kind holds little appeal to me.. I feel like I've been run over by a bus. I think back to yesterday morning when - before I had actually started the 7 minute routine - I had a little righteous giggle to myself about how 7 minutes of exercise was unlikely to have any effect on me whatsoever.. it'll be easy I said.. it'll be fun I said. Famous last words. Today I think I'll be sticking to a short walk on the treadmill (which considering how I feel is probably a stretch) and sitting on the couch. Tomorrow I may attempt another 7 minute workout as it obviously did something..

and once more in pounds.

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