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I'm sorry to be joining in only now, sept2012. I was busy fulfilling my evil intentions
So I did it.
I see things more from Pattience's point of view. I like to compare that feeling to pregnant women cravings. It's a crippling feeling. Like if I don't eat that food I craved I can't sleep or do anything. When I get into that state, no one can talk me out of it. I've just got to get the food in.(and it's always bad food. I wish I could crave carrots like that).
So I heeded your advice anyway and I limited the damage.
I bought 3 sachets of powder chocolate, made myself a chocolate beverage which I drank with some bread and omelette.
And I'm fine now. Tomorrow I'm hoping back onto my treadmill
Thank y'all though. It would have been MUCH WORSE without you. Trust me for it.
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