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Good afternoon ladies. It is chilly here and lots of accidents as we had rain, hard rain all day yesterday then it froze last night. Took Jack about twice as long as usual to get to work and though they wanted people to stay off 385, it is the way Jack needs to go on to get to the interstate without a much longer commute on surface streets. No sun so don't think it will melt anytime soon.

I got my preop done at the hospital and no one mentioned the womens' center needed the CD with the mammogram on it. I now have to keep the car tomorrow and take it out there. We could have dropped it off easily on Friday. It is such a huge complex that I imagine I am going to have to walk a lot and I am seriously concerned about the icy weather. I don't know what I am going to do. I may ask Jack if we can try and get there before they close this afternoon or something, though they close at 4 PM. What a mess.

Jack's finger bled some on Sunday, but hopefully it is sealed up well enough. He is wearing a big bandage to keep it clean at work so we shall see.

Criminy they are doing something in the condo next door and the noise is incredible. You can hardly hear yourself think.

I am down 3 lbs for the week but need to keep working really hard.

Maggie: We have people that sit on the side of the big streets with trucks full of wood and sell it by the cord or half cord, stuff like that. We don't use our fireplace, but people here do. Makes me really nervous because I have never seen any chimney sweeps every being here to clean them. It is scary to think about.

Jean: I know you loved getting it right the first time. We have a Roper washer, which works great, but makes more noise then I have ever heard in my life. It is always clicking and clacking. It has this complicated drain and spin cycle that self adjusts so it is crazy. It also makes a lot of noise filling. It always sounds like the water is falling on the floor.

Well gals, have a nice day. I am going to get ahold of Jack and see if he thinks we can deliver this thing today. Faye
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