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Morning ladies! I am copying and pasting what I already posted on the JC forum since it was rather long...

As Usher would say, there are my confessions... Okay, yesterday, for the first time since I started JC almost 9 months ago, I went way overboard with my eating. And I used the excuse of being angry for it. I was upset because, not only did several people cancel last minute on coming to our party, but the few that did come came almost at half time, leaving us with cold burgers, hot dogs and hot wings to re-heat. Now, I understand that things come up and people need to cancel coming to a party once in a while, but when several people do it, it starts to make you wonder if maybe they got an offer to go to another SB party that they thought would be more fun. As for the people showing up way late, I find that inexcusable! At least friggin' call and say you're going to be late.

So, in my anger, I started munching on chips. I had eaten very lightly earlier in the day because I was saving up my calories to have during the game. But I was getting really hungry and tired of waiting for these people to show up. One chip became a couple more and, well, you know the story. I took a I-don't-care-any-more pity-party approach to the day. A side of my life I hadn't seen in a long time. By the end of the day, I felt terrible physically. But here's the weird part...for the first time after a day like that, I didn't beat myself up over it. I just told myself, "Okay, it happened and it's done. Tomorrow is a new day and you're back on Jenny 100%." And I sincerely meant it and here I am after just finishing my delicious JC cinnamon roll and blueberries and feeling great again. I'm not going to make myself feel even worse by weighing in (something I'd do in the past to "punish" myself for binging the day before). I'll wait until my official weigh in day on Thursday. For some reason, I know that 3 days back on plan won't cause a gain come Thursday morning. I believe I've been doing this plan long enough now where having a slip like this and getting back on track has taught my body to be forgiving. I'm going to be confident that Thursday's weigh in will be good.

That being said, Medeis, I have every confidence in you that you will make good choices while on your cruise. Even if you do eat a little too much a day or so, you've been on the plan long enough to know that you have the willpower to get back on plan the next day. Our bodies are so forgiving. Have a great time and just try to concentrate on all the fun activities on board even more so than the foods they'll serve.

michlove, wow! Three pounds is terrific!! You are really working this program. Congratulations!!

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