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awesome, I haven't been to London since high school but it was so much fun! I've actually started taking more vacations and I love it. I went to Big Bear earlier this year and Las vegas, and I plan on going to Colorado in April.
I work in education, and yes, it is very discouraging to see students who are not where I feel they should be I especially get mad at those I know have so much potential, and then they just kind of let it go to waste.


So happy to see your spirits are up and that you seem to have a very solid plan! Good luck in staying in Japan.
Congrats on going on that run! Doesn't matter how long it took you, it matters that you attempted it! I want to start running again too. I actually had to drop from the students running club at work, but I want to try to start running a few miles a week again.


I hate TOM, it messes with my weight by a few pounds. Good luck on your hike this weekend!
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I am currently at work and I am counting down the hours! I slept badly yesterday because my brother had an accident and I was up all night watching his son. He's going to be fine, but I spent a night of worrying. Couldn't miss work as I've used up all of my sick days with a back issue I had earlier.
I'm excited to start a new phase, although Yoga for me will be a lot tougher for me to accomplish than hiking

In personal news, my boyfriend told me he loved me. lol that is totally unrelated to weight but I'm so freaking happy that I had to tell someone!
Good luck in phase 2 everyone
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