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Good morning all,

Sounds like those of you south of me are going to get pounded with the weather. It never occurred to me that besides the propane shortage there might be a (road) salt shortage too. what a toll this beastly winter is having on all of us. I remember one year in Chicago where they were having budget issues and after several mild winters, opted to buy only a small amount of salt for the upcoming winter. Turns out it was an awful winter, very snowy and of course they ran out of salt early. Roads were horrible to navigate. We're ok up here - they keep the main roads fairly clean, the roads in town are "ok" and we are the very last to get plowed on our road here. We are getting a bit miffed at that - sometimes takes 3 days for them to get to us. I shudder to think what would happen if we got a 20 incher. Seems to me that when we have a winter after an El Nino or is it Nina - one is warmer, one is colder - it always seems to have a lot more cold and precipitation. I think we will all collectively welcome spring this year. I was looking at some pictures on my computer and came across the garden from last spring. I've been looking at a white yard for so long it looked funny to see a green one.

Annie - I certainly hope you don't get all the snow they predict. I can understand your frustration with everything. Don't let it get to you. Sorry to hear that C is sick again. I'm not big on flu shots BUT when you have a job dealing with the public and their dirty nasty germs, I am all about getting the shot. I did this year and last because of working the popcorn place and the thrift shop and touching money which is notoriously dirty among other things. I would think running in an out of the truck in cold weather, working in stores - he is always around junk. You just dose him up with some Missus Annie's Sure Fire Cold Prevention and whack him if he doesn't mind you. Sorry work is a pain too - unfortunately the only thing I kept remembering was the famous saying that someone's new opportunity (starting a new job all excited) was someone ELSE's crappy job they just ditched Moral of the story - it's no better anywhere else. I thank the Lord each and every night that I am blessed to be away from that crap as I surely had reached the end of my rope with the B*S* - I wish you strength. How nice to get treated to a head spa day with Sissy! I take it the hair dye smell doesn't bother her at this point. And she does a great job from your pictures. I'm getting mine done on the 13th and I can't wait - roots seemed to pop out all at once.

Michelle - I'm glad you had such an uplifting weekend. Sometimes when I read some particularly good stuff, I am reminded that we all need some positive motivation no matter where we find it. And you are probably in a better location now to be able to take advantage of conferences like that. Will be nice to have the writing workshop to look forward to. I should get back to writing myself.

I changed up my weight loss goal in MFP. Had it at one pound a week and I think that's too many calories for me to lose anything. Weight was the same as last week. At least I didn't have any salt bombs on Sunday for a change Even though my knee is giving me lots of problems including pain which wakes me up in the night and disrupts my sleep, I am making a personal challenge to drink more water, less soda and incorporate more exercise into my week ahead.

With that, I'm going to start my day. Have a good one ladies. Hello to the rest of the chicks.
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