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Default Serious binge looming...

I don't know why I'm making this post here right now. May be I need to vent just a little bit. Because it seems to be one of those days no one or nothing can get me out of the trouble I'm getting ready for: I'm going to binge eat.
I just happened to feel this way. It might have something to do with TOM, and my new medication: PROZAC. I'd never been on any antidepressant before. This week I haven't stopped cheating on my diet. This happens also when I stop exercising, still because of TOM.
Today I think it's also because I spent the whole day at home watching T.V and watching all those ads about chocolate, biscuits, cheese and what have you!
So I'm just waiting for the day to get a little dark outside so I could take my fat and neglected self to the store to buy chocolate and any fattening I can afford... come sit in front of my T.V and eat.
Why is it like that? Right now I can't for the life of me concentrate on anything. All I think about is THAT chocolate I'm going to swallow.
I'm so sad. It's so difficult
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