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I have been eating this way for maybe 5-6 years. I like to eat, so I want my meal to be as large as possible without too many calories.

I like to shred vegetables into meatballs, meatloaf, nuggets, burgers so that they are 50% non starchy vegetable and 50% meat.

Other things I tend to eat are thick soups like carrot soup, tomato soup, broccoli cheese, bean soups, split pea, lentil, etc.

When I make chili or stew, I throw in a lot of additional vegetables so that it's mostly vegetable and smaller amounts of starch or meat.

I use either zucchini noodles (noodles made of zucchini) or fine green beans as a pasta, top with sauce and cheese or I make a small serving of pasta and mix it with sauteed vegetables before topping it with sauce.

I love to eat stir fry or "noodle" bowls with either no starch or a tiny amount of rice sticks or rice and the rest vegetables and protein.

If I ever eat some kind of sandwich or wrap, it is often stuffed with broccoli slaw or regular slaw, sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, or a lot of kale or spinach.

Sauteed cabbage is great to top with a fried egg, or some kind of sauced fish or chicken. If just the cabbage is weird, it can be delicious mixed with rice and served as a side.
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