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Smile Volumetrics Followers

I started this thread to find others who are following the Volumetrics life plan and those who are interested in learning about it. We can share our experience, strength and hope with each other.

I have been a life long yo yo dieter and I have tried most of the diet plans. I had settled on calorie counting but remembered vaguely something about a book that my DIL had on a plan called Volumetrics. All I thought I remembered was it had something to do with Calorie Density (Energy Density) of foods and that you could eat more of the low Calorie dense foods and still lose weight.

With that tiny bit of information I started changing my Dinner with an eye to calorie density but my lunch remained traditional meat, starch, veggy but calorie controlled.

I started experimenting with no real knowledge of Volumetrics by taking a can of Progresso Light soup and adding two cans of no salt added green beans along with some hot sauce. Now this was a huge quantity of food but low in calories. After eating I felt full and for the first time I can remember I did not continually snack all evening. Wow!! Volumetrics might work for me.

I ordered two books and I am halfway through the first one. This eating plan makes sense to me as a lifestyle that I could do. And each evening I am amazed that I am full instead of hungry and I just lost another 3 pounds.

Any others out there in 3FC land?
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