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Good Morning All....

Indiana is in for another bad storm coming in at rush hour tomorrow evening. Mixed bag of ice and snow till midight then snow till 1 pm on Wednesday 4-7 inches accumulation on top of the ice. I may take the day off on Wednesday if it is that bad, then the weekend is bringing another snow storm in Sat/Sun. Yuck, I am over it. Right when Sassy has been going back outside to potty, here we go again. bleh

C is down with a very bad cold AGAIN. I told him if he doesn't start taking his vits regularly and get a dang flu shot I will no longer feel sorry for him or baby him, yeah know I will. He slept from Friday night till yesterday at 4 pm. With the exception of working 6 hours on Sat. Not even a full day. I have him on airborne, zinc mouth spray and sinus cold medicine, something should happen.

Sissy is coloring my hair tonight. My hair is growing by leaps and bounds lately. Well I guess it has been 4 weeks since my last color. And a cut Thursday night. I love it when my hair gets messed with. lol Sissy is 5 weeks away from delivery. Yeah!! Very excited to meet Royce Micheal. Jacob asked me if I would that Jacob, Mommy, Nanna and baby brudder Royce to the zoo when it gets warmer. Well of course!!

Baby boy and wife came over yesterday afternoon, I fixed a very simply dinner, steak, baked tates, broc/cauliflower, salad, fresh snapped green beans made in the pressure cooker...all was quite yummy. BB took home steak and veggies for his lunch today. Very enjoyable evening. They stayed for the first quarter of the game that the Broncos did not show up for at all. Too bady for Peyton Manning, but honestly he stunk as did the rest of the team.

SHADDIE...I just love the pictures you post of the beautiful country, and the lil smurf man is a living doll. He does kinda of resemble happy smurf! lol Yes it will probably be nice to get home for a few days...Shaddie clicking her heals together, there is no place like, no place like home!

HAPPY...the propane shortage has been all over the Indy news stations also. That and our shortage of salt and street cleaning chemicals. We will be in the same position as some of the southern states if we don't get any back up stuff from the states that are not using all of their supplies. Make have to stay home from work. My neighborhood streets are a straight sheets of ice from the icey rain we had over night on Saturday. Major roads are clear.

LAURA...soak up that sun and bring it on back sister. I expect sunny days once you return.

CHELLE..hope your weekend went great. I am sure you had a good time at the seminar. Especially with Wayne Dyar speaking, I really like him. I have read a couple of his books and also listened to a series on tape.

SUSIE...glad DH is doing better and you have set some decent goals for yourself for the month of February. Go gettem tiger!! I don't even go to restaurants that are not WW friendly enough and I would not be able to controll myself in Cheesecake Factory. Right now I am loving Applebees and their 550 or less meals, they are filling and quite enough to eat. Tastes delish!! least there is a light at the end of your work tunnell with retirement not too far down the road. Then you will not have to put up with men like the trainee. Funny you train your bosses and they get the pay for it. SOmething wrong with that picture.

That about does it for me, better hunker down and get busy. I very much dislike this place more and more....

Have a marvy Monday!!



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