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Originally Posted by davina View Post
I am 30 and almost at my heaviest of 300 pounds, hopeless and alone in my situation feeling like surgery is my only option left.
I would love to speak with people going through same thing on a regular basis, my email is [email protected] if anyone would like to email me to chat, rant,cry, exchange meal plans and ideas,etc.
Hi davina. I've been there too. I can tell you that if compulsive eating is your problem, surgery is not going to help you. They can take out half of your stomach, but they can't remove your brain. You posted this message in the OA section, so I have to assume that you at least suspect that eating is a compulsion for you. That compulsion, I've found, is even more painful than carrying around all that weight.

If you want too explore the 12 step path to healing, I'd suggest two first steps. First, I'd suggest that you give up hope that any meal plan, diet, surgery, or pill is going to help you. Second, find a meeting so you don't have to be alone. I'm not in your head. I don't know if OA is right for you. But these two things worked for me as a first step to finding recovery, and getting my weight to a comfortable place, too.
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