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Ah Shad - I had to look up Muscovado - a molasses brown sugar COMMONLY USED TO MAKE RUM No wonder you liked it

Very interesting history about Australia and New Zealand and how they came to be. Must put it on my list to read up on one day. Forgive me, you haven't mentioned it and I have forgotten to ask but just how is the tooth implant coming along? Are you finished with all the dental work? Was it worth the time and effort after all? Sorry you crossed paths with the niece - how funny. Lunch sounded lovely - my kind of lunch. And if you can have it outside in the sunshine, even better. Ok, so maybe you aren't loving running, but you have always been good about pushing yourself.

Ceejay - an early buyout is a dream come true - as long as the health insurance is adequately covered, you can deal with any other expense that comes your way and can live on a lot less than you think provided you don't have champagne tastes which does not strike me that you do.

Just popping in for a minute. I'm really going to try and get to bed earlier tonight. Been hitting the sack way too late although I may have to take something to get me to sleep tonight. Talk to you tomorrow ladies.
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