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Originally Posted by All4Me&You&Our3 View Post
Hi to all of you! I've been reading all your posts since I started in October (24). I decided to post today. I've lost 39 lbs so far 😊! Started 228 - made it to Onederland Christmas morning. Last week - reached the 180's (189)!! I have a goal for getting out each decade at a time - focusing now to reach 170's!! Love IP! This is the easiest weight I have ever lost - without exercise! I actually started lightly this weekend on my exercise bike and treadmill - was wondering if you ladies or guys saw a big drop on your lean mass when you began exercising if you have? I feel like I should be doing some activity - nothing strenuous of course but I felt good afterwards😊.
Hey there All4Me!

Welcome to the group! So glad you've made it out of lurker land. Congrats on the 39lbs, that's a great job!
I do my weight tracking in 20lb increments, but I've got quite a bit to lose, and 20lbs seems reachable whereas saying I need to lose 260lbs is like *Gasp*!!!
I haven't been exercising yet since the doc didn't clear me for it yet. I damaged my rotator cuff and sprained my hip (I'm an accident waiting to happen) when I tried to run/walk on treadmill.. seriously... walking on a treadmill.. So once I get cleared for something other than gentle yoga, I'm gonna start working out (with additional protein requirements eaten of course). That's the trick to maintaining your muscle mass.. for every hour of cardio/weight bearing exercise you do, you should consume 1 packet or 4oz animal protein.

Welcome again!!

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