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Good afternoon my fine chick-a-dees. It is beautiful sitting here in the sunshine. Didn't look at the weather report and don't care. I am so done. Had an awful night sleeping...Think I walked too much yesterday and between the knife blade and electrical volts I am wore plum out!!!! 15 days but who's counting. I have to reschedule 3 darned if I am going to get my teeth cleaned directly from the OR......nah...or my house cleaned on the way into the OR. I am a Leo and things must be organized or I'm roaring.....I count how much organization I need by yellow pads. My daughter's garden wedding was a 6 padder! I am on my 2nd pad with TKR.

After a year of really ugly hair cuts I got a good one yesterday. Wash and wear hair. Got all the tax stuff done. Double Check.

Donna...I down loaded 8 Molly Murphy books. Think my kindle is packed to go. CHECK!

Lynn and Donna do either of your cats have hearing problems? White cats often do.

Gayle...we are always here to listen and buck each other up. Scold when necessary and hug frequently. BUT sometimes we need a poke in the eye(you know where I really meant) when we get wallowing in our troubles. I end up getting worse when I stay negative. Hence my black humor. Years ago I learned that smiling and laughing drives my enemies insane.

Bobbi....You have taken to moving to town with a new lease of energy. Is the Myer's lemon alive?

Rosey...I watch that show because my DD is having the stomach stapling done next month. The doctor doesn't fool around and calls it like he sees it. Of course I think he is 110 yrs old! And us old f*rts say what is on our minds.

Tonight is Downton Abbey at 9 and True Detectives at 11. No time for football. Denver better win in the first quarter cause I'm gone to PBS.

Karen....when is the next car show? That should get Tim thinking.
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