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Good Afternoon! I'm wonder if the groundhog saw his shadow or not. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's another cold day in my neighborhood. We skipped church this morning and slept in instead. I've read the papers, have been doing laundry, and have breakfast/lunch. For some reason my washer is taking too long to fill with water on a certain cycle so when I go down to put the load in the dryer it is sitting in water with the lights flashing on the panel. I have to cancel the cycle and start over. Bob checked the filters which is what the book said to do and they are clear. If I use another setting it seems to run fine. Sometime ago Bob thought our water pressure was lower than usual so am wondering if that might be the problem. I'd like to think I am smarter than the washer, but maybe not.

Maggie -- Funny that batteries for a tiny golf cart would keep a motor home moving. Sounds like you are putting the packing plan in motion.

I plan to watch some of the Super Bowl commercials since there has been so much hype about them. Don't give two hoots about the game though. Hope you all enjoy your day today!
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