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Hi ladies,

Cold but very sunny day today. Someone dropped the ball at the grocery store and did not post today's sale ad so I guess I will hold off going to the grocery store until later in the week. Not much going on in my corner of the pond.

Ceejay - glad you got a day off from Mr. Arrogant. He will no doubt rise within the organization - those types tend to and will not win any popularity contests. He can have your job - you're leaving in 2 years anyhow. And if they sweeten the pot and buy you out early, is that so bad?

Susie - glad the threat of the prod snapped you back into place The one thing I like about winter dinners is that they are the kind you can cook up ahead of time and just warm through the week. I'm sure it's more difficult for you with the hours you keep. When you get home at 7pm, who wants to spend an hour cooking up something? I guess crock potting would work well for you. I hope DH's ultrasound comes out ok - it sure sounds like the blood thinners were to blame. Isn't he going weekly to get his blood tested? Sounds like he might have been on too much medication. Has he given any more thought to the ablation procedure?

Speaking of crock pot, how was the pork roast Annie?

Interesting that everyone is having a propane shortage - I thought it was specific to up this way and our Canadian neighbors. It has been a cold long winter for many. We are hoping there will be no short fills on our tanks as we have a contract for x number of gallons which should see us through to spring.

Poor Shad - saw you on FB - here we are with a whole Sunday ahead of us and you are back at the desk, ready to start the work week. But then again, you get to start your weekend sooner than us. Did you get a nice harbor walk in?

I gotta stop getting up late - slept in today because I had a beastly headache. Now I am hungry and if I eat anything substantial I will mess up dinner plans. We bought steaks the other day and need to use them up. I guess I'll go have some fruit and yogurt or a half of a bagel to tide me over. I got some new granola and might add that to the yogurt because if I eat it with just milk the carbs will only make me ravenous. Later chicks.
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