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Originally Posted by IPMaryD View Post
Hi everyone, I finally had a (my first) weigh in on Thursday and I was down 7 lbs, but apparently it was mostly lean mass, so now I need to eat an extra protein. I was a little confused as I don't totally trust that machine anyway. Is this a ploy to make me buy more products? I am hardly ever hungry but I am making an effort to follow all of the protocol. Thanks!
Remember that lean mass includes everything that is not fat - so water, connective tissue, etc are all included. The scales most clinics use to measure are generally not terribly accurate.

I think adding another packet kind of depends on how well informed you think your coach is and how you feel. I think some clinics suggest 4 packets a day for people over 200 (250?) and, of course, during the first week or so if you're hungry an extra packet is allowed. In my opinion (and this is my opinion only!) if you aren't hungry, your energy is good, you aren't feeling weak and you feel comfortable with 3 packets a day I wouldn't change anything. You could always add an extra egg white or two if you think you aren't getting enough protein.

And congrats on the loss - that is a great start!

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