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Morning all,
Another beautiful day here in Wellington. Yesterday was somewhat hazy and a northerly wind popped up while we were ferrying across the harbour, so I didn't go out on deck and take any photos. It was lovely and warm in the cabin and I had a whole banquette to myself so I spread out. The ferry stopped at Somes Island - well it is actually now called Matiu Island but the pakeha (european) name has stuck like glue so it is called both. Somes used to be a quarantine station for both animals and humans. Now it is a leisure spot. You can go out there and walk, picnic and look at the returning flora an faunu. Some of the birds out there are somewhat endangered elsewhere. So one weekend I might just take myself off out there and do some sightseeing. I was supposed to meet my niece and the baby at the wharf, but somehow we missed each other. How the heck we did that in a small beachside suburb, I don't know but we did. I got to her in-laws place and J asked me where are the others? No idea I said. So I rang the niece only to find that they were on one side of the road going one way and I had been on the other side of the road going the other way. Never the less we had a nice lunch of quiche and salad, homemade bread and apple and cinnamon muffins. Then we went walking down to the beach and had an icecream each. Mine was Nectarine and Muscovado. Absolutely yummy and probably gave me more calories in that little icecream than I had consumed in the whole of lunch. Oh well, and I just remembered I haven't put it on the tracker.

Next Thursday here is Waitangi Day - sort of New Zealand equivalent of July 4. I am going back to Brisbane on the Wednesday night and returning here on the Sunday. It will be nice to spend a couple of days at home. I am having the tooth implant checked, hope to see the optician and want to get a hair cut and colour. It will be nice to see the house again and catch up with the family and some friends.

Susie, glad to hear the DH is coming right. Seems that some drugs have some fairly nasty side effects. Not sure about my toned legs, but there are muscles there. And I don't run up them although I see the younger ones doing so. I run down them, generally due to the fact that it is easier to jog down them than walk. Large numbers of leg and back muscles come into play when going downward. It can be just as tough as going up them in some cases. I can now run all the way along Tokyo Lane which is more or less flat. It's not tremendously long - probably only about 1/4 mile.

Happy - not so sure I 'like' running. I do it because it's there and it burns calories. I try to go a little further each day, but there are days when the body just isn't right and doesn't want to do that, and other days where I feel I could run a marathon. I can't and I probably never will but that's life. I intend to bring back some of my fitness dvd's for the times I just can't make it out and about.

Ceejay - wow, this bloke certainly has made an impression on you. Hope you don't come to blows with one another.
Surprise - your mum and my dad possibly knew what they were talking about as far as boils goes. I havent had one for years and DS2 who practically lives on raisins and sultanas and ginger as his sweets has never had one and went through puberty with hardly a zit either. DS1 who always ate well, was plastered with them. Must be something in it.
Sorry to hear the job is going downhill. Just think that you have only a matter of months to go. Not long at all.

Annie - sounds like you are struggling a bit. Winter is a bad time for the blues - all that cold and lack of sun tends to wear people down.

Laura is off on her holiday. It will be over too soon for her, but I hope she has a wonderful time.


Gotta go and get on with my day. It just looks so nice out there and I want to be out in it and not in this grey old building. Still they pay me for something so I had better go do it.
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