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Originally Posted by blondie739 View Post
Just wanted to throw out there something I observed.... Frustration comes on the third week weigh in. It seems we all get excited for the first two weeks of loss and the third week our bodies are almost playing catch up. Hopefully everyone that saw a small loss will stick with it and see a bigger one in the 4th week! I sure did, and have averaged a loss of 4.5 pounds a week in the first month. Just wanted to throw out an observation and some encouragement!
Rescue Annie: As you rack up more weeks, the wisdom to look at MONTHLY average weight loss will become more apparent. Although my WIs fluctuated week to week, they invariably averaged to the same monthly loss. Soon if not already, you will notice that your measurements and clothes size shrink, and it will not be on the same schedule as your scale number. Hang in there!

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