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Not a good weigh-in today. I gained 1.8# Not a surprise the way I've been eating. So up and down I go as usual. Yesterday we babysit the gc for a few hours. The youngest one says the cutest things sometimes!

We are about to go to church. Then this afternoon we will go to our dd's house to watch the big game. Our son is going with us.

Jess - Loved the puppies going round and round!

Cana - I think that was someone else who posted a list of books...maybe Rosey? Not sure. I enjoy Grisham's books too. Haven't read the one you mentioned yet.

Lynn - Any kind of cookies would not work with me. Esp love cookies with my tea however I rarely have them in the house, thank goodness! But I hope they work for you. A big part of my problem is timing (esp for my bs). I need to wait at least 3-4 hours after dinner before eating again. Because we have dinner on the later side that often would mean about bedtime...since I want to snack while I'm watching TV I have a hard time waiting. It is not hunger with me it is habit. Even so, if I kept it to one small snack I'd probably be ok, but most times I just don't.

GiaRose - welcome to our group! Enjoyed your post and to learn more about you. I will be 71 this month. It is hard to believe that my oldest dd will be 50 in just a little over a year! So know what you mean. I was 19 and dh was 27 and we have four grown children (2 boys 2 girls)and one boy in Heaven. We lost him the first year we were married, he left us at a little less than six weeks. I was 20 when he passed and it was very difficult for me as I'd never experienced death before. I love technology too! Seems to be rare among us oldies, so I'm glad I have online friends who enjoy it.
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