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Working on my presentation for tomorrow plus my lesson plans for the week while watching a Say Yes to the Dress i want to go try on wedding dresses as a skinny person! How fun would that be? I have been married for almost 15 years, but I was a size 14-16 when I got married.

Originally Posted by RescueAnnie View Post
I'm just finishing week three and it looks like I only lost.3lbs. I'm pretty frustrated as I have been working the plan really hard. I need to see successes on the scale, because I've failed so many times in the past. I want to be successful this time, I don't want to let myself down again. I see others loosing twenty plus pounds in the first month and I am wondering what I am doing wrong!
Believe me, I know how tempting it is, but do not compare yourself to others! A loss is a loss, and this is one week in a lengthy journey toward a healthy weight. Trust me, I get it; many of us do. But you did see a success on the scale- it went down! That is a success!!! If you are following the plan 100%, then you are not doing anything wrong. Keep it up, and you WILL get to your goal. The weight was not put on quickly, and it will not come off quickly...but it WILL come off.

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I agree. A group of about 12-15 of us at work did IP at the same time. Several people initially reported that they were cheating with small amounts of alcohol everyday--maybe 4oz of wine or 2 oz vodka in the evening, or some beer at a weekend party. They continued to lose weight but eventually veered off program entirely, every single one of them.
Every day? Wow. I can totally see why they didn't last on program. I have had maybe two glasses of wine while on P1, which has lasted over four months. I do not miss it much, honestly.

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