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Hi Everyone,

Hi McSurf, GlaRose, Canadjineh, Robin, WELCOME! Glad you are joining us. Looking forward to getting to know you.

My DD is trying to get me to do a 10K in April (about 6 miles). I might just do it. Started training this morning – did 1.5 miles in 32 minutes. Need to pick up the pace. Not sure if I will continue with this or not – depends on how my knees handle it.

Supposed to snow here tomorrow – I hope it holds off until after our Book Club meeting. Am reading a good book you might like – Lydia’s Party – about an annual party & the women (moving from middle age to old age) who attend.

Have a GREAT day!


Originally Posted by Karen3 View Post
Had a call this am from the RN coordinator re:surgery and questions about me etc. Then came home for 2 letters with all the details. Some how it got realer....know what I mean. Have so many friends down here that have had TKR and they were telling me today that the newest treatment is not nearly as painful as it was 10 yrs ago. Really was a boost. I am anticipating mucho discomfort but less would be nice. DH said I should get one of those floor pedal things and I already have one. Inch by inch things are getting organized.
Hi Karen,

When I had my hip surgery, doctors gave me pre-surgery exercises to do. They REALLY helped me to recover quickly. After the surgery, I could see the purpose of the exercises – they were strengthening the muscles I would need to use until my hip had healed. Happy to hear about the newest treatment – I might still need to follow in your footsteps with this.

Originally Posted by glynne View Post
I’m sorry if I go on too much about Maddie. I sometimes think maybe I shouldn’t talk about that so much ~ don’t mean to make those of you who don’t get to see your grandkids as often feel bad. It is just that Maddie is the bright spot in my life amongst the crummy stuff. I am trying to honor the request not to be so negative and bring others down, so that is how I end up talking about her so much.
Lynn ~ sorry that you ended up with a gain. Your classes are almost over now ~ will you get a break, or do you have another one lined up that will start soon?
Hi Gayle,
You could never “go on too much about Maddie.” If I remember correctly, Maddie and I have the same birthday. I do not have any GC, so I must get my enjoyment vicariously. Please do not stop Maddie stories.

You posted “I am trying to honor the request not to be so negative and bring others down…” If this came from someone in our group, I am REALLY sorry. We have always been able to “cry on each others’ shoulders.” This is our safe place – where we can whine, or complain, or vent without being criticized. If I were you, I would ignore this TERRIBLE advice!

My 1 class ended last weekend & the other one ends tomorrow. I will NOT be teaching any more in the near future – taking my laptop in to get the malware off it & going down to FL on the 11th for 2 weeks with my DD & SIL.

Originally Posted by jess1 View Post
Gayle - yes, Samson is a great snuggler. He spends most of his life under the covers! I just LOVE him!!.
Hi Donna, Hopefully, I can attach my “under-cover cat.” Harry (Samson’s look-alike) also loves to snuggle under the covers.

Originally Posted by Karen31 View Post
My hubby is still doing the same. We go to the VA Hospital in Littlerock on Tuesday for pre-op and then they will do the procedure on Wednesday. Hoping they don't find any surprises and they are able to get the gall stones without any complications. If they do find a growth they will do a biopsy at the same time.
Hi Karen, My best wishes to you and Tim. Hopefully, they will not find anything & recovery will be quick.

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
Mostly I'm doing ok during the days but I am still not doing well in the evenings so my bs is still high yet my weight so far is still stable.
Hi Mary,
I have also been having trouble in the evenings. I tried to think of something I could eat at night with a cup of tea – something not too high in calories & something I would NOT be likely to binge on. I bought a pkg of Stella Doro “cookies” (to me, more like biscotti than cookies). Each is 65 cals & 10 g of carbs. I will let you know if it works.

Originally Posted by akrosey49 View Post
Hi everyone. A very lazy day. curled up in my chair by the wood stove with my nose in a book. was watching tv at the same time,My 600lb life..reminded me of my struggles with wtloss surg. one women was married to a European guy that loved big women. she was over 500# poor thing and had surg and started loosing,he sabotaged her thru out,she wanted salad and he said if she wanted greens she should go outside and graze don't know if these shows are staged however she succeeded in loosing until she was under 200.i was so happy for her. have any of you watched it.
Hi Rosey,

I do watch the show, but did not see that episode. Last episode I saw was the one about the man who did not work or help around the house & wife left him. What do you think about that doctor? Do you think he gives his patients helpful dieting advice?
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