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Originally Posted by RescueAnnie View Post
I'm just finishing week three and it looks like I only lost.3lbs. I'm pretty frustrated as I have been working the plan really hard. I need to see successes on the scale, because I've failed so many times in the past. I want to be successful this time, I don't want to let myself down again. I see others loosing twenty plus pounds in the first month and I am wondering what I am doing wrong!
It would be hard for any of us to answer what you are doing wrong - if this "low" loss is only this one past week, that happens to us all. There are so many factors influencing weight loss, TOM, eating/dieting prior to starting IP, your actual exact diet, your water, oil, and vitamin intake, activity level, stress, salt intake, etc.

All I can see is that in many cases, those who lose 20 pounds the first month start at some pretty high weights to begin with. Almost all of us have had low weeks.

Although the weight does sometimes fall quickly, this is a program you may be on for a while. You need to get used to fluctuations and find the determination and discipline to be absolutely 100% on the program every day - stay the course. As I posted earlier, even when my weight is not going down, my body size is and that means it is working.

Hang in there, examine your eating and water, oil, salt intake minutely. Take a look at the protocol sheet and see if you have missed anything or whether you are 100% OP. Once you have done that, consider talking to your coach for help.

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