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We had a north wind yesterday so that made the air colder even in the sunshine. I'm like you I'm ready for winter to be over with. Looks like we may get some snow tonight.
We had reports of the propane gas shortages too.

I'm not completely off the charts with the vitamin D but almost. Glad dh is improving.

I'm so glad it's Sunday and Mr. Arrogance is not here. At least I have one quiet day. I hope he goes some where else tomorrow and let me have some alone time. They are letting enough maintenance pile up to keep him busy for a week at least. We'll see how this goes. But if he is up here tomorrow I'm sitting myself in our little lab area and let him have the run of things. He's already beginning to take over. At first I was upset about the fact that he has taken it upon himself to type out a written math formula and put it in every ones box, including mine. That's okay though. He's showing his true colors. His fortitude will clash one day with the other T.J. He sure would like to have my job. And if the bosses think's he worth it without a license for water treatment so be it. And sorry T.J. I've balanced the paper work for January. You can start on February.
That's enough of a whine for now. Thanks for listening.
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