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Originally Posted by IPMaryD View Post
Hi everyone, I finally had a (my first) weigh in on Thursday and I was down 7 lbs, but apparently it was mostly lean mass, so now I need to eat an extra protein. I was a little confused as I don't totally trust that machine anyway. Is this a ploy to make me buy more products? I am hardly ever hungry but I am making an effort to follow all of the protocol. Thanks!
Congratulations! The machines are not foolproof. It doesn't sound like a ploy to get you to buy more food, rather a way to preserve your lean mass and prevent your metabolism from slowing down to conserve energy. Whether or not you follow this recommendation, be sure to get in ALL of the other items on the protocol each & every day, even if you aren't hungry. Each one has a specific purpose and will lead to the best results.

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