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Yes I am at my Whole Foods all the time it is not far from me. Couple of things to check out for IP stuff.

In the baking section where the extracts are - there are stevia drops-they are flavored. It is a green and white bottle they have butterscotch, coke, orange, etc. It is the same if you are using stevia (Stevia in the raw green packets). I got the butter Toffee to put into my cookies. They are expensive but last a long time. They need to be refrigerated once opened. They also have nice organic extracts with no sugar added. Cost more then regular extracts.

Their reduced sodium dill pickles are good. There is also a mustard there - I think the brand begins with a W that has no salt added that you can use. It is either a Dijon or a ground mustard. At one point my WFoods had the Redmond real salt that I use from my clinic - I bought the big bag of it so I can just refill my little sprinkle one.

I think their meats are good at least for my area. I like the NY strip steak, filet is very good but expensive. Their ground turkey breast is good. They also have applegate chicken sage sausages are good if u are making eggs, also nice turkey bacon there as well. If you are going to get a rack of lamb (it is in the Chef Vs cookbook for IP) WFoods rack is excellent. They can cut it for you how ever you need it or trim off the fat.

The fish is very hit or miss. It depends on the day I am there.

They have a gourmet mushroom packet that = about 2 cups. I use it for stir fry and my soups. In the freezer section they have nice bags of frozen shitake mushrooms and I think a blended. They are in a light brown bag.

FYI Sometimes the frozen rhubarb is located in the frozen fruit or smoothie fruit section. I know dole makes one.

I really like the San J gluten free organic reduce sodium tamari sauce which is basically soy sauce. It is in a white bottle with a green circle in the front.

I hope this helps a little. Happy Shopping!!!

Good luck and enjoy!!!

PS Was just at my Dollar Store and they have clear/see thru with a lid shoe boxes - this is what I use to store my packets and vitamins in. I dont use the lids. It is very helpful and easy to organize. They were not there last week.

PPS Just tried the WF strawberry jam/spread-very good and the new cranberry spread/sauce-pretty good would work nice as a sauce with turkey or something like that.
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