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Originally Posted by davina View Post
Thanks for all the input.
I do take medication I have no problem with that, however the anti depressants don't really do much for my issues, the anti anxiety meds are helpful with certain things.
yes I need help at this point and get some kind of cognitive therapy for the fears I just feel like I have so much to overcome and am completely stuck and can't get out of it.
I guess you have to feel the fear in order to get better and stop avoiding it.
I remember when weight used to be my biggest hurdle I almost wish I could go back to those days after experiencing this nightmare.
That's great that you're taking something but if it's not working ask to try a different SSRI. Some work better than others depending on the person. They may also up your anti-anxiety dosage a little for now, but getting the right SSRI is key.

Also, have to face your fear. Exposure therapy WILL help a lot. Start out with a friend or family member and sit outside for a while, then get in the car and go as far as you can, then next time go a little further. Right now your home is "safe" but you and I know that's irrational...that's part of having a phobia. Whenever I feel scared my first instinct is to run home. I eventually learned to stop, sit down and make myself not go home. A lot of times I start to sweat when I am getting ready to leave the house to go somewhere for a night out. Believe me I want to stay home but I force myself to go...meds in my purse, but I go. It's hard. I totally understand. Keep fighting, hun. Tell yourself out loud that you wont allow this "thing" to ruin your life or keep you from going places. There are times I feel a panic attack coming on and I yell out "bring it on!" and it stops. It's a cycle of being in fear of the fear. Once you take control of your mind the fear stops.

Sorry for the novel..rambling thoughts. Good luck, hun.

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