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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
Oh how I miss wine! Before starting IP I suffered with severe migraines and wine seemed to be one of my triggers. Since beginning IP I have virtually eliminated migraines. I was down with a pretty bad one I think only once since last May 13th. My strong belief is that I had massive inflammation that triggered migraines. I also think the amount of processed foods I was eating, which includes so many chemicals, preservatives, etc...were at the root of my headaches. I have been extremely fearful of having wine and have only tried once. I did pretty well, but just don't want to tempt fate. eek. I'm a scaredy cat.

It has been terribly cold here this winter. While January and February are generally our coldest months it has been colder than normal. Yesterday was such a blizzard and high winds that most of the state was under a "no travel" advisory. The main interstate and state highways were actually closed over the majority of the state. While we don't usually close schools even at minus 50, we also don't run buses during those times as well. I agree that the kids don't seem to be as affected by the cold. As I get older I seem to be bothered by it more & more. Now that I have lost weight I seem to get chilled more often. It is a welcome change from the hot flashes though!

Daks ..I agree about the wine..but actually finding now I missed the "social" partaking more than how it made me feel...I am happy with a few sips for taste with the right food at dinner or a glass initially at a social event......but actually think I'm glad to have eliminated the headaches AND the extra calories...I have not really had more than 2 glasses at 1 event and it was part of a very long evening, and ended up handing off both glasses unfinished to hubby. We had wine at a special restaurant for dinner Thursday night to celebrate nailing some very complicated vacation plans and schedules...and actually had way less than a celebration would normally have entailed in the past!!! Have decided for me this is a good thing...and I'll take it! Really did not expect my mindset would get re-set...along with my metabolism.

Now if that could happen with chocolate....

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