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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
Oh how I miss wine! Before starting IP I suffered with severe migraines and wine seemed to be one of my triggers. Since beginning IP I have virtually eliminated migraines. I was down with a pretty bad one I think only once since last May 13th. My strong belief is that I had massive inflammation that triggered migraines. I also think the amount of processed foods I was eating, which includes so many chemicals, preservatives, etc...were at the root of my headaches. I have been extremely fearful of having wine and have only tried once. I did pretty well, but just don't want to tempt fate. eek. I'm a scaredy cat.
daks my mom suffers from terrible migraines but thinks its the sulfites. She occasionally has a glass of more natural wine that is lower in sulfites and she seems to get away without a migraine.
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