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Hello! I finally made it back. You know how my work goes. I worked until 7 p.m. Wed night, went in at 7 a.m. on Thursday, then had TOPS and then my "mom" time with my friend's girls, then Friday, I worked 8-6 p.m. I'm glad last week is over!

I posted on MFP yesterday and will today. I have a scale goal and a non-scale goal. My scale goal is at least a 5 lb loss this month and my non-scale goal is to post my food every day.

Yesterday we cleaned house and then we went to dinner...Cheesecake Factory..yummy but oh wow the calories! We did split a Cheesecake and I only ate half my meal. We had a 2 hour wait so we did a lot of walking the mall and standing. I hope it helped to burn some of those calories.

You all made me laugh with the cattle prod comment. It did get my butt in gear!

Shad: What lovely pictures. I could feel the sunshine and warmth! And those hills! You will have such beautiful toned legs from walking/running them.

Laura: I am looking forward to hearing about your trip.

Ceejay: Thanks for explaining the Vit D you are taking. You must be really low and I'm glad your doctor is helping you.

I hope that boil clears up quickly; those can be very painful. I bet it is from all the stress you are dealing with at work. I'm not good at stress either. I just sort of shut down. Which is why I struggled the past two weeks with my DH's health issues. However I must tell myself that not eating right and not exercising is not going to change the stress issue. I'm working on that!

Happy: I have been hearing about the propane shortage. It is even in our area. Our local newspaper had an article about it and said that they are short filling tanks to try and have enough for everyone's orders. I guess that way, everyone gets something.

I have popcorn for dinner sometimes--especially when work late. It's ok every once in away.

Very nice the your DH made breakfast...good for you for holding out.

Annie: We had a warm day here yesterday as well. Wasn't it wonderful?! I ran the car through the car wash and then helped DH shovel some of the snow/slush our of the drive way and off the walks. They say we will get a little more snow this week but they aren't acting like it will be a big amount. I sure hope not.

Michelle: I am sorry that I can't remember what you posted and I can't see it since it is in last months thread. I do remember that you are doing pretty well and I was thinking how nice it is that in a months time you have settled into your new job and location. It's nice to see that life does settle down in time.

Today is church this morning, need to visit DH's dad for a bit, and then I'm sending him for groceries while I take a nap! We are making chili this week so dinners are easy a couple of nights. We love the Wendy's salads (I get mine without any meat on them) and decided we will have them one night, not sure about the rest of the meals for the week. We always have a peanut butter on hand and keep a bag of raw veggies to add to meals.

We pack our lunches and they are usually those Healthy Choice or Weight Watcher meals or soup.

We will be watching the Super Bowl tonight. I'm looking forward to the commercials and the half-time show.

Tomorrow is DH's bladder scope. A bit nervous but ready to find get this done and over with for him.

He had the kidney ultrasound on Friday and he hasn't had any visible blood in his urine for 11 days.

Once they took him off the blood thinner it took exactly the amount of time that his doctor said it would take for it to go away if the blood thinner was causing it, so I'm trying to not worry and think of this as just a precautionary thing to be sure.
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