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Originally Posted by Last Hurrah View Post
My weigh ins are Mondays. My scale hasn't moved from my weigh in. I'm finishing up week three. Wondering why my weight is stalling? I'm following the plan 100 %.
There are so many reasons that your weight may not go down on a day to day basis - water retention, TOM, big C or you could be losing inches and not pounds (that happens a lot). If you are staying 100% and getting all your oil, water, etc. in you just have to be patient with yourself, the pounds will come off.

If weighing daily is going to make you stressed, you might consider just weighing at your official weigh in. Remember, the scale is just one measure of progress - how you feel, how your clothes fit, etc. all play a part. The scale is just a measure of that one point in time, not your overall progress.

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