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My husband & I love Sunrise Soya Foods (based in Vancouver, BC) 1800-661-BEAN or They sell certified organic (non-GMO'd) soy which is much healthier for you than the manufactured fake meats or GMO soy products commonly sold. Our favorite is the Extra Firm Herb. Lots of flavour on its own and firm enough so we get that meaty chewiness. I can eat half a 350 g pack and get only 2 net carbs but 26 g protein. Yes it is 260 calories for that portion, but let's face it - unless you are using high fat dairy as your protein choice your meals probably aren't too high in calories. I also use Vega protein powder in the Tropical Tango flavour and Genuine Health Vegan Proteins+ in double chocolate for my morning smoothies - they are very low in calories and average about 20-25 g of protein in a serving and around 6 or 7 carbs. Maybe this will help with some ideas, but I also miss lentils, beans, and fresh non-roasted nuts & seeds. Oh well - I'm on Phase 2 Alternate right now so I'm very cautiously adding in a bit of beans & quinoa.

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