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Shad - what an adorable little peanut - I just LOVE that munchkin smile. Your family makes pretty babies. Wow lady - if you are running, walking, trotting those hills you are getting quite the workout. If you are planning on coming over this way, please walk in sand with lead weights as I will never be able to keep up with you and I'm not even smoking any more. I'm glad you are running again - you seem to like it. Or do you? I hope you had a nice day at the harbor. All our water is white and hard right now - would love to hear some surf.

Ceejay - 68 degrees???? Oh you make me cry. I think it got up to 18 degrees today and we were happy with that. Back in the freezer again. But February marked the end of winter in the south. Soon the forsynthia will be blooming and the sneezing season begins. Still 68 degrees. Please enjoy some for me. I think to your question underneath it all we still have the first snow of the season from October. For the first time since we have been here (and agreed to by the locals for a long time at least), we still have the original first snow of the season that fell in October. Once it started it never warmed up enough to really melt anything. .Been a very harsh winter.

I do hope that we can make it through to the summer season without having to worry about propane. There is a huge shortage up this way. We should be ok but I am conserving anyway. Which means I've severely cut back my use of the gas fireplace in the house. I think we should be ok, it's the people who don't pre-buy their gas on contract who are singing the blues. Of course many claim that this "shortage" is manufactured by the gas companies to take advantage of the cold weather. I don't know. I saw an article on the news they are asking the president to do something that would allow us to receive propane from other states which have it in abundance. So far we are fine and if it really got bad we could always go live in the basement which has electric baseboard heat - that would keep the main quarters warm enough not to burst the pipes but no where near comfortable enough to sit in all day. OR we could clear the snow and go sit outside around the firepit like cavemen - Only 3 and a half more months of winter - lets hope for an early spring

Nothing much happening today. DH had a headache and I got one later too so we just took an easy day at home. He made a nice brunch of scrambled eggs, maple sausage, orange juice and we had bagels too. We've been eating the biggest meal of the day at midday which is good. He just had some cheese and sausage for dinner, I had a bag of popcorn which I probably could have made a better choice. I did try the Special K popcorn chips. They are ok, perhaps with a dip of some sort. Definitely addresses the crunch factor for reasonable calories. But I'd rather celery with some light cream cheese or peanut butter.

I watched Saturday Night Live because Melissa McCarthy was hosting and the last 2 shows she had some very funny bits. This show, not so much this time around. I would have been better off watching clips online. Won't be watching the Superbowl on Sunday either. Just not a football fan. Guess that's enough babbling for me. Goodnight all.
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