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I think I'm losing it!
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Originally Posted by flowergarden View Post
I don't really feel that different. I'm still me, 100 pounds lighter, but I think since I still perceive myself as fat, I actually don't feel any different. I can get around a bit easier, maybe, and be more active, but that's it. I'm actually surprsied in some ways that so many people have commented on my weight loss. I was so used to carrying the extra weight, that it didn't really register - either before or after I lost it.

But NOW? Now I'm getting to the point where I'm going to move from being really fat to just on the heavy side, and that's tough. Scary. Visible, even. Yikes.
Oh my gosh! I feel the SAME way! I've lost just over 100 lbs, and I can't seem to go any farther -- still want to lose 60 lbs. Yes! It's scary to be noticed -- although, I've maintained for about a year, so people I see frequently don't really "notice" any more. That's kind of a let down, even though the attention bothered me at first -- who knew I'd miss it?

I, too, am inexperienced with men -- being overweight since 2nd grade, I missed dating in high school and college, and immediately became a workaholic upon graduation, so I've had only a handful of dates -- all uneventful. I fell for one guy who turned out to be married -- what a way to turn someone off men! Seems like it's not worth the trouble, right?

I think that somehow I sabotage myself when I get in this weight range because getting any lower is new territory. What will it be like? Can I handle it? Once before, I got down to 200lbs, and got so anxious about attention from guys at church that I would immediately go home and eat. I never did learn how to handle it -- I slowly regained over time, and the attention stopped (imagine that!) Forgot to add that I'm just a few years behind you in age.

We need a support group for gals like us. What do you think?

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