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Originally Posted by Maile View Post
Sarita: Go for it. That is great that you signed up! That shows a belief in yourself.

Ishbel:I am glad you are feeling better. If you get a crown are you going to be able to use all of the painkillers? Your fitbit sounds like a good motivator. I have ordered a foot pedometer with wireless tracking. That should get us moving. You sound like you are doing well and the arrival is getting closer!

Mars: I feel the same way..ideally I would get rid of sucralose, but it is better than sugar and being overweight!
LIKE to all! Lol!

So what's everyone up to for Super Bowl? Any parties!
We go to our neighbors annual every year, usually a nice time.
Lots of temptations though! Ugh!
I decided to bring a Cajun shrimp app and a paleo banana nut bread!
This way I'm sure to have something good without going out of control!
I will have a wine or two with my ladies! We tend to chat thru the game, stop for
the commercials and halftime. We're Patriot fans so not so into the game this
year. Have family in Seattle though so I guess I should support them,

Well have fun if your attending any parties, just stay in control! We worked so
hard to get here!!


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