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Originally Posted by sarahBell View Post
You nailed It on the head. Money is not the issue on this, it is the fact that this would entail me leaving the house for about an HOUR a few days a week, where I can work out with out having someone telling my to get off it's my turn now, or momma my ride (my 2 year old loves to sit on the ellipitical and ride it) or try to use the Xbox Kinect work outs that I have with out someone coming down wanting to play on it or have their turn!

I wanted to get the black card membership $19 + tax a month so that DH and I can go at the same time and work out together AND have a personal trainer at our disposal at no cost.

When the person who is suppose to be your support calls you ugly names, throws out hurtful alligations and yells at you then ignores you because you make a choice to get into a 1 year contract with a place that is nation wide and is located where we want to move to if we sell our house this hurts more than you know.

I just do not know what to do, I just glared at
The thing is dh wants to lose weight and needs to BUT on his terms which means him going to Anytime fitness for 3 months with out me.

I would rather spend $20 a month NOW than thousands later for open heart surgery!
Sarah- This pains me...
So sorry the problem was your family and not the gym. I think a lot of folks here think the meanness happened at PF..and did not catch that the problem you spoke of came from what should have been from your own support network/family. You need special support for more than weight loss...and I'm not sure all of what you need can come from a forum like this. Psychological and verbal abuse is destructive and hard to overcome with out professional help. Is there someone you can talk to 1:1? Are you safe? Please consider getting help if you are not. You are worth it.
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