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Originally Posted by Hiker88 View Post
Good morning! Enjoying my 2 cups of water before I allow myself coffee! January was a crazy month so today I'm unpacking the last two boxes that are downstairs and then cleaning till it looks like the new house that it is! I've invited company for supper tomorrow night. That always motivates me to get all my cleaning done.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Hooray for getting settled into the new house! Nothing like getting your own space and routine back!

Originally Posted by stephascope View Post
Glad to hear you got some proper coffee this morning. I really try to not weigh myself every day but like you, I just have to make sure I didn't gain everything back overnight. Sometimes I say to myself "it's down again? wtf?", like I can't believe it's still working. It's like I expect it to stop losing despite all my efforts. I don't want to jinx myself here but I haven't experience a stall yet and hopefully never will but it could start when I get closer to a healthy BMI.
Exactly - sometimes I wonder if it's going to quit working. I know logically it won't, but there's just this little piece of my brain that doesn't believe me!

Originally Posted by RosiePosie101 View Post
When I was doing WW some years back, I was always one of those people who would have an awesome loss and then nothing for a week or two or three or four and then whoosh another big loss would happen. Previously this would cause me to lose faith and fall off the wagon but this time with the measurements still moving when I stall, I feel I have more tools behind me to keep going. The support on here is so invaluable.

Oh big news. I went to the supermarket this morning and I found rutabaga which I don't think we have where I'm from originally (New Zealand) so I'm going to make rutabaga fries tonight. Do people keep their rutabaga in the fridge or should it be treated like onions or potatoes? I live In a hot climate so am not sure.
I do the same thing - a couple or three slow weeks and then a big week. Learned to just accept that's the way my body wants to let it go and try to relax. Congrats on not letting it get to you!

I keep my rutabagas in the fridge. Don't know that it's totally necessary but I figure since the store keeps them in the refrigerated cases it makes sense to do that.

Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
I love your reference to that show where he wakes up realizing that the whole however many years of the Newhart shows had been "a dream".

Sometimes I catch sight of myself and it is hard for me to accept that the much slimmer person's figure is actually me! Not complaining....
Yeah, I wondered if I should post that in the Over 50 thread - showing my age!

Isn't that a great feeling?? I look in the mirror and it's like wow! That's really me!

Went & got nails done today - I now have green, blue and silver nails! Goes well with my Seahawks t-shirt (Beast Mode no less!).

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