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toobig - thanks for the motivation!!

shabby - OF COURSE! I think we are doing well for the most part. p.s. - love your name and you can do it :-D

My last couple days have sounded like that Beastie Boys song Sabotage :-P Both in food and in work. Just the worst! But that is why we have this forum - to pick each other up when we start to slip. I am eating clean again starting tomorrow, and my new goal is 2 week2 under 1500 calories (w/ salads every day).

I have been more or less keeping up with exercise videos and hope to start running in mid-March so I can do a 5K by the end of April. Running (as much as I hate it) always sheds the pounds fast and makes my belly flatter.

I just joined MFP, so if any of you gals are on there I'm dropitlikeitshot3

Life is , just keep .

New Goals: 152
One carrot for every 5 lbs lost:
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