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Originally Posted by sarahBell View Post
First my NSV: Yesterday I threw a perfectly good home made chocolate cupcake into a sink of hot soapy dish water....... I had mindlessly taken nibbles off of it so I tossed it.

Heartache: the news of me joining PF did not go over very well. Some every very hurtful and mean things were said to me making me want to cancel the membership before I can even start I am so heartbroken and crying right now.
Hi sarahBell, That's an empowering image I will keep in mind for my moments of slippage--thanks for sharing!

Very disappointing to hear about your experience with PF. (I've felt the same vibe, though never heard anything spoken out loud. My gym eventually made me feel very unwelcome for losing weight but NOT on their plan).

You have options. If you feel like it, you could look at it an opportunity to educate them about basic civility & customer relations. If you don't feel like you'll be comfortable working out there however, you are entitled to a full refund and I would be very explicit as to why you are canceling.

In case you can't find a convenient & welcoming gym ... I just bought some great workout DVDs from Costco. I tried a few that I didn't like because they were hard to follow or boring. Costco allowed me to return them no questions asked. It's nice to get in a workout without feeling rushed or having to tote my work clothes.

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