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Originally Posted by sarahBell View Post
First my NSV: Yesterday I threw a perfectly good home made chocolate cupcake into a sink of hot soapy dish water....... I had mindlessly taken nibbles off of it so I tossed it.

Heartache: the news of me joining PF did not go over very well. Some every very hurtful and mean things were said to me making me want to cancel the membership before I can even start I am so heartbroken and crying right now.
Good job on taking action with the blasted cupcake...sometimes that is the only thing! I have thrown things in the trash and actually taken the garbage out to the cans in order to get stuff out of my house...esp after we have company and I just "gooottta get it GONE" from my pantry or fridge!
But, Soapy water! That is worthy of a scene in a book or a movie!!!

I have a feeling the hurtful things about PF may have come from someone or more than 1 someone...who is not being supportive at home rather than people at the gym... SarahBell, If that is will find there are some ladies here who have gone it alone in making healthy decisions for themselves. You are entitled to make these kinds of decisons with out someone else's approval, unless there is a money issue. When someone else does not support a healthy decision for you, may be indicative the significant other is uncomfortable with you doing something he or she feels in their heart they should be doing too...and we see and hear tales of this kind a lot.

You should not feel guilty if this is the case and doing what you must do..will only make you stronger!!

You can do this....

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