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Originally Posted by sarahBell View Post
First my NSV: Yesterday I threw a perfectly good home made chocolate cupcake into a sink of hot soapy dish water....... I had mindlessly taken nibbles off of it so I tossed it.

Heartache: the news of me joining PF did not go over very well. Some every very hurtful and mean things were said to me making me want to cancel the membership before I can even start I am so heartbroken and crying right now.
Sarah: Way to go with the cupcake issue!! It always works best if you can keep that stuff out of your house totally, I find. Then no possible temptation can happen
What's PF stand for? Whatever it is... remember the rest of us are here for you! Are these hurtful things coming from friends or family, or from strangers? If its from those you love, perhaps they are jealous that you are taking action for yourself - showing your power! From strangers, well, they don't really know you at all so their opinions can just be discounted. Hope the rest of your day goes better. Remember stay OP and you will be the one taking control and not acting as the victim - pushed around by others.

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